I just started getting into E-girls and I just wanted to thank you guys for putting so much effort into compiling gifs/photoshoots/info etc! This blog has really helped me get to know the girls~ Also I saw that you guys were planning on making a masterpost of every E-girls video online (with english subs too). Do you have any updates on that? Or any recommendations on where I can find eng subs of their interviews etc?

To start with, thank you so much for the kind comments! We’re glad to be of help.

You’re right—the masterpost is still under construction, but I’ve created a document with some of the video links that can be found here!  Some dailymotion accounts that post english subs for E-girls videos include: 

  • 007fansubs
  • onesnowyday
  • macaronpan
  • jsoullover (JSB oriented, but there are some subbed videos of E-girls included)

— Shiza

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